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General Info

This community event looks to build unity and uplift those working hard in their craft. We are proud to showcase these artists to the Queen city! We aim to cultivate a spotlight opportunity for hard-working sparks serving as a flint for talent. Incorporating an energetic atmosphere in support that fosters growth exceeding in quality and quantity year after year. Join the community!

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Rules & Safety

Security will be ready to direct and assist in matters of keeping a safe, fun, and flowing environment.
We ask that you come with respect and etiquette for staff and others enjoying the festival.

The venue will have plenty of space to spread out and keep people from being on top of one another.

Please come to the venue showered, hands clean, and with a mask, if need be, to follow COVID protocols.

There are three exits in case of an emergency. Mecklenburg police will be on the scene if something happens that is not under security control.

If there is one instance of disturbance, you will be asked to leave if not removed from the venue.

Please do not touch models, artists, or anyone else without consent.

No firearms or weapons are allowed on premise. No fighting. No bullying.

Further Information

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